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FWHC Abortion Storytelling Project

Cazembe’s Story

Content warning for mentions of sexual assault

Hi. I’m Cazembe Jackson. I am a Black, Southern, non binary Trans Man. In the spring of 2001, I was raped by four men. I was queer and presenting in a very trans masculine way. That rape produced an unwanted pregnancy. I dropped out of school and went home. My mother wasn’t very supportive about the rape. She made it seem as if it was my fault because I was queer. Around the corner from my house was a planned parenthood. I chose it because I knew they wouldn’t give me a lecture on Christianity or trick me into not getting an abortion. I remember that it cost 300 dollars and I had to take out a payday loan in order to pay for it. It took me years to pay that loan off. When I got to the clinic they gave me the paperwork and said I had to come back a few days later to have the abortion. I did that and had what is known as a medical abortion. But they went an extra step and called the rape crisis center and set me up a free therapy appointment. I often say that my abortion saved my life because had they not called I may have never gone to therapy, which did indeed save my life.

More Stories from the FWHC Abortion Storytelling Project

FWHC Abortion Storytelling Project

In 2021, Feminist Women’s Health Center received a grant from the Women’s Foundation California to shift culture and perspectives on abortion access. With that funding, we were able to develop FWHC’s Abortion Storytelling Project, where we provided trainings & compensated opportunities for activists to develop storytelling skills around their abortion experiences. Check out the stories below, which were all developed by abortion storytellers across Atlanta, Georgia.

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Illustration courtesy of Kendall Robinson. Illustration based on photo by KEJ Services.
Illustration courtesy of Kendall Robinson. Illustration based on photo by KEJ Services.

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