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Fundraising Toolkit

Thank you for supporting Feminist Women’s Health Center! We have put this toolkit together to support your fundraising efforts. For any more questions or concerns, you can reach us at 404-248-5445 or email us.

Demonstrators pose on the steps of the Georgia State Capitol.


Thank you for supporting Feminist Women’s Health Center. For over 43 years, Feminist Center has been providing safe, compassionate and affordable abortion and reproductive healthcare to our community in Georgia and across the Southern states. We are a grassroots organization and our work would not be possible without supporters like you. This toolkit has been put together to support your fundraising efforts. Thank you for helping us tell our story! 

Content Overview

  • How to describe our work: In this section, you will find some guidance around how we talk about our organization and our work. 
  • Photos: Latest photos of our center and work that you can use in your promotional materials. 
  • Logos: Access our official logo files for use across your promotional materials. 
  • Design Guide: In this section, we humbly offer some guidance around our visual design aesthetic and preferences. These are suggestions only. 
  • Tips to host a virtual Fundraiser: Recommendations on virtual fundraising and payment platforms that have worked well for us.  
  • Social Channels: We are on social media! Here’s a list of pages you can follow and tag during your fundraiser promotions. 
  • Other Resources: Contact information and other resources to help support your fundraising efforts. 
Demonstrators march with signs at a rally, including one reading “Trust me with my body.”

We do a lot–from providing care, to protecting abortion access to sexual health and education programs in Spanish and English we do a lot and you dont have to describe it all in order to communicate the importance of supporting our work! Try this summary below!

About Us: Feminist Women’s Health Center is a reproductive health, rights and justice organization. We provide safe, affordable and compassionate abortion and reproductive healthcare to all who need it without judgment. We are a Black led, locally-based, non-profit organization in Georgia that directly provides reproductive health services, while also protecting and promoting reproductive rights and justice through organizing and advocacy. 

Community Work: Feminist Center is more than a clinic. We are a movement. Over the years we have developed community programs that specifically seek to address the systemic inequities in healthcare and society that affect women, people of color, immigrant families, and people from the trans and LGBQIA+ communities. You can find more about our programs here

Best Practices: As a Black Woman led organization in the South with over 40 years of providing abortion care we have evolved.  We have a broad vision of liberation for freedom centered on reproductive justice. Here are some tips to mirror the language we use. 

  • We refer to ourselves as Feminist Women’s Health Center. You can also refer to us as FWHC or Feminist Center (preferrably after having mentioned our full name at least once before). 
  • We DO NOT refer to ourselves as pro-choice (due to the limited scope of this term; see our history page to learn more) or use choice-centered language. 
  • We DO say pro-abortion or anti-abortion (when referring to our opposition) instead of pro-choice or anti-choice. 

Follow this link to access our latest photographs. These photographs showcase our health clinic, community education and advocacy work.

Copyright: The photographs shared in this section belong to Feminist Women’s Health Center. Please give credit wherever possible. You can use them across any of your event materials:

  • Please do not remove the watermarked area. 
  • When using our photos on social media, please tag our pages (see social channel section below for our handles). 

Follow this link to access our official logos. For other formats or requirements, please contact [email protected]

We love clean designs! We would not dream of stifling your creativity. This section is simply to offer some design tips that have worked well for us:

  • Have a clear call to action for the flyer/graphic.
  • Keep the text to a minimum and prioritize key information like date, time, call to action, etc. 
  • Emphasize keywords.
  • Use high resolution images and photos. 
  • Use contrast: High contrast visuals are easy to see at a glance and attention grabbing. 
  • Use colors and fonts sparingly yet effectively:
    • Avoid using more than 2 typefaces. Using multiple font types can make the design look busy. You can opt to play with the font weight (bold/normal/light) and size instead. 
    • Choose the color scheme based on the message. Our official Feminist purple is #402e8F in case you want to incorporate it in your design. Bright colors work well for event collateral. Balance is key. 
  • Canva is a great free tool to create beautiful graphics and designs. 

Want a second opinion or need someone to review your design? Feel free to send over a draft to [email protected]

We are so grateful that you stand with us and our patients and team are grateful for your support. Below are some key elements to executing a fundraiser: 

Platforms: Below are fundraising platforms that work for us:

  • GiveLively : You can set up a page in five minutes and funds link back to us. It’s super easy. 
  • Send your supporters directly to our fundraising page.
  • If using our donation platform you can have your donors make a gift “in honor of” someone and if you like you can get an email every time someone donates! 
  • Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are also great options for fundraising and promotions. You can tag us using the handles below:
    • Facebook @FWHC.Atlanta
    • Instagram: @feministcenter
    • Twitter: @FWHC

Raising Money and Building a movement: We are fighting to build a movement for reproductive freedom for everybody and we want everyone who donates to receive updates and advocacy alerts.

  • Print a sign-up sheet. Ask guests to share their names, addresses, and emails so they can receive legislative updates and communications and so we know where to send a thank you.

Sample Thank you Email : See below for a template of a thank you email you can send your donors. 

Thank you for joining me to support the important work of  Feminist Women’s Health Center.  Your donation helps provide compassionate abortion care and build our movement for reproductive justice.  

Together, we can continue to fight for abortion rights and access for everyone in Georgia. I am glad you were moved to take action and I hope we can both work to invite more supporters because it is through our collective voices that Feminist Women’s Health Center has endured all the attacks in Georgia.  

In the face of all the uncertainty of these times, Feminist Women’s Health Center is open, accepting patients, and will continue to provide compassionate abortion care to all who need it!  I hope you will also consider hosting your own fundraising event and inviting more people you know to support this work. Wouldn’t that be great?

Payment Options: The best way to send us donations from your fundraiser:

  • Make checks payable to: Feminist Women’s Health Center, 1924 Cliff Valley Way NE Atlanta GA, 30329 
  • For tax receipt purposes you may need our EIN Number 58-1273243
  • Please do not mail cash.  

YES! We love Social Media and are active on the ones below. Please feel free to follow us, tag us and send us messages here:

Thank you again for supporting our work. We are elated that you chose our organization to fundraise for. If you have any questions, you can contact us here:

  • Email: Send us an email at [email protected] for any fundraising-related queries. 
  • Call us: You can call our admin line at 404-248-5445 and ask for MK. 

You can also check out our website for more information about us. Also, check out our media page for the latest coverage and news articles featuring our center.

Georgia's 6-Week Abortion Ban In Effect

If you are pregnant or think you may be pregnant and need an abortion, seek care immediately. We are still providing abortion care up to the legal limit. There are exceptions to the law. Please give us a call to know your options. Read what the 6-week ban means for you.