GEORGIA’S 6-WEEK ABORTION BAN IN EFFECT. If you are pregnant or think you may be pregnant and need an abortion, seek care immediately. We are still providing abortion care up to the legal limit. Read what the 6-week ban means for you.

Community Programs

Feminist Center is more than a clinic. We are a movement. Over the years we have developed community programs that specifically seek to address systemic inequities in healthcare and society that affect women, people of color, immigrant families, and those from the trans and LGBQIA+ communities. Learn more about how you can become part of our community programs.

Attendees sit in several rows at a Feminist Women’s Health Center community event.
Group of members posing in front of a backdrop at a past LLVI Health Fair.

Lifting Latinx Voices Initiative

Lifting Latinx Voices Initiative (LLVI) is the only Latinx led program in Georgia that focuses on addressing comprehensive reproductive and sexual health issues faced by Latinx families.

Errin J. Vuley Fellows Program

Fellows meet once a month on Saturdays and focus on gender, racial, and reproductive justice.

A group of former members of the Errin J. Vuley Fellows Program smile at the camera posing outside.
Demonstrators standing together holding signs and talking at an outdoor rally.

Legislative Advocacy Program

We advocate for state laws and policies that preserve, protect and advance healthcare and abortion access in Georgia.

Patient Portal Temporarily Down

Unfortunately, our patient portal is currently experiencing technical difficulties. We ask that patients reach out via phone while we tend to this issue.