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Errin J. Vuley Fellows Program

Errin J. Vuley Fellows Program (EVFP) is a monthly leadership development program  focuses on abortion access, racial justice, and trans justice.  

3 volunteers sit in chairs in a row holding books and smiling.
Participants in the Errin J. Vuley Fellows Program pose for a photo at the clinic.

What We Do

The Errin J Vuley Fellows Program (EVFP) is a leadership development program launched by Feminist Women’s Health Center in 2017. Errin J. Vuley was the first Community Engagement Coordinator (1997-1999) at the center. EVFP uses a reproductive justice framework to strengthen and build leadership skills and knowledge and especially honors Errin’s passions – abortion access, trans justice, and racial justice.

Fellows meet monthly for interactive workshops that progress from expanding their knowledge and skills to opportunities to apply what they’ve learned and showcase their collaborative work. The program’s events are designed to accommodate the schedules of a diverse group, including those with work, school, and other scheduling needs.

Facilitators vary for each monthly event and include community partners and social justice professionals. We are committed to ensuring that our fellows graduate with an expanded network of local social justice experts as well as with the knowledge of how to delve deeper into their areas of interest.

Each graduating fellow will receive a Launch Forward award uniquely tailored to their passions and interests. The award is designed to provide a modest “starter kit” with small funding or tools to complete a project or launch a social justice initiative. We hope this culminating encouragement will ‘”launch forward” these incredible social justice leaders.

**Check out the 2019 #VuleyFellows RJ Zine, the inaugural yearbook, and a blog featuring alumni fellows.**

How You Can Get Involved

Apply to be a Fellow: We are now accepting applications! Apply by March 1, 2022. Note: The fellowship is 100% remote and applicants do not have to live in Georgia to apply!

Volunteer with us: Volunteers contribute to EVFP through curriculum development, marketing and recruitment, and workshop facilitation. If you are an interested volunteer, sign up to Feminist Center’s newsletter or email [email protected].

Donate : Our EVFP Fellows are continuing advocacy “in the name of a true leader.” Your donation will help Feminist Women’s Health Center honor our first Community Engagement Coordinator, Errin J. Vuley, who led with passion in her work for abortion access, trans justice, and racial justice.

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