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Trans Health Services Near North Druid Hills GA

Trans Health Services Near North Druid Hills, GA

Feminist Women’s Health Center offers trans hormone replacement therapy along with our other trans health services. We believe in offering sensitive, friendly, and affordable health care to transgender, gender non-conforming, and intersex individuals. We currently provide our trans health services to trans men, gender non-conforming and intersex clients from across states.

Trans Health Hormone Replacement Therapy

Patients who may use our trans health services may experience discomfort because the gender they identify with is different from their biological sex. Using a trans hormone therapy for an individual who identifies as transgender may help reduce psychological and emotional distress, as well as improve psychological and social functioning. For any identifying trans male, one of our trans hormone replacement therapy options is the FTM hormone replacement, otherwise known as the masculinizing hormone therapy.

FTM Hormone Replacement North Druid Hills, GA

FTM hormone replacement is a testosterone-based medication that is used to induce the physical changes in your body to help match your gender identity and your body. Using this trans hormone replacement therapy before female puberty begins can prevent the development of breasts. When taking the FTM hormone replacement, your menstrual cycles are inhibited and the estrogen from your ovaries are decreased. Trans hormone replacement therapy can be done alone or in combination with a gender affirming surgery.

Trans Health Services at Feminist Women’s Health Center

Using trans hormone replacement therapy can be a safe and effective treatment, FTM hormone replacement may not be for every identifying trans male. Trans hormone replacement therapy may not be for you if you have/had hormone-receptive cancer, unrestrained behavioral health conditions, unrestrained medical conditions and more. Call Feminist Women’s Health Center at (404) 728-7900 today to talk to our health professionals about our trans health services.

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