GEORGIA’S 6-WEEK ABORTION BAN IN EFFECT. If you are pregnant or think you may be pregnant and need an abortion, seek care immediately. We are still providing abortion care up to the legal limit. Read what the 6-week ban means for you.

Join the fight for abortion access in Georgia!

The courts won’t save us – add your name to demand real access to abortion care, laws that respect and support our lives and bodies, and a culture where our decisions are met with love and compassion.

With politicians passing cruel abortion bans across the South and a Supreme Court that will let them get away with it, the movement we’re building has never been more important. We’ve been here for our community through every attack on abortion access in Georgia — and we need you in this fight with us now.

At Feminist Women’s Health Center, we’re more than just a clinic. We’re building a future where each of us has control over if, when, and how we grow our families and where we can all thrive in safe, healthy communities.

Patient Portal Temporarily Down

Unfortunately, our patient portal is currently experiencing technical difficulties. We ask that patients reach out via phone while we tend to this issue.