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Nursing Supervisor

REPORTS TO: Front Office Supervisor

POSITION CATEGORY: Full-time/Non-exempt

SALARY: $51.07/Hour 

Supervises: Health Advocates, Nurses, Contract Clinical Employees & Professionals, Consultants, and students or volunteers as agreed upon 

Benefits:  Medical, dental, vision, and life insurance; Flexible Spending Account; flexible paid time off; paid medical leave; paid parental leave; short-term disability leave; 401(k) with 3% employer matching; Employee Assistance Program; childcare assistance. 

Position Description:

 Accountable for the overall clinical management of the clinic within an environmentally safe, fiscally responsible, and quality-driven environment designed to accomplish the mission of the Feminist Women’s Health Center. The Nursing Supervisor assures us that the clinic services and specialty programming are consistently meeting the quality and budgetary goals and are consistent with the Center’s policies and values. They ensure clinical employees are oriented and trained to do their jobs well. Directs ongoing employee education & training to assure all workers’ skills are sufficient to do their assigned work satisfactorily, at a minimum standard, with the skills and knowledge necessary to do their assigned jobs. The nursing Supervisor assumes accountability for administering support services and health care programs within the legal and regulatory guidelines and standards for state licenser, insurance reimbursement, and C.O.N. requirements, prepares and plans adequately for the state, federal, and funding agency inspections, collaborates with the Clinic Director in articulating the vision for Cliff Valley Clinic and effectively manages the clinic leaders in the satisfaction of that vision and their job descriptions, maintains oversight of clinic contracts and positive working relationships with referral sources and agencies providing emergency or adjunctive care, and collaborates with the leadership team in program evaluation, service delivery, and research studies 

Essential Responsibilities: 
 This position is responsible for the following areas. Other duties may be assigned. 
Objective I. Maintain an environmentally safe, fiscally responsible, secure, and quality-driven workplace. 

  • Assures the clinic is complying with OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) safety standards, appropriate waste disposal, infection control standards, and HIPPA, and that all employees are trained to respond well in crisis or natural disasters within limits of capability.
  • Remains informed about current information regarding security issues and reported incidents to maintain reasonable precautions and security awareness among staff.
  • Collaborates effectively with the management team in planning, preparing, and administering an approved budget. Maintains operations within budgeted goals.
  • Effectively address client and employee concerns with consideration for quality service, public relations, legal implications, and community standards. Collaborates with E.D. and consultants as appropriate
  • Provides supportive feedback and education for clinic management and staff regarding creative strategies for the maintenance of both quality services and fiscal responsibility.
  • Assures all administrative, employee, and client information is maintained as confidential within legal limits.
  • Ensures all clinic employees have access to orientation & training adequate to perform job duties.
  • Utilizes Continuous Quality Improvement & Management strategies to provide skillful leadership in the development of quality monitoring methods, benchmarking, thresholds for compliance, creative problem identification & resolution, and ongoing evaluation. Assures adequate documentation of “Q-Care Program” activities.
  • Maintains accurate & current information regarding standards of GYN health care and competitive trends. Assures clinic services are maintained as “cutting edge,” gender-affirming, advocacy-oriented, and accessible.

Objective II: Strategize, plan, implement, evaluate, and supervise clinical services and employee activities to achieve the mission, strategic direction, and quality goals of the Center. 

  • Completes an evaluation of each clinical program annually for accessibility, gender friendliness, clinical quality, team effectiveness, updates P&Ps or guidelines, cost-effectiveness & relevance.
  • • Develops & implements effective action plans addressing concerns when program evaluation standards are not in compliance.
  • Provides supportive leadership, mentoring & team development opportunities when needed and assures team/individual training schedule is designed to meet special needs as well as regulatory standards.
  • Demonstrates adequate presence during scheduled services/clinics and community programming to evaluate client satisfaction, employee effectiveness & public relations activity.
  • Will take immediate corrective action, if possible, when problems or inconsistencies are identified.
  • Assures a feminist approach to healthcare is maintained as a guiding value for our services in balance with respect for diversity, expressive non-judgmental, positive regard, and recognition of the changing needs/opinions among our patients.
  • Works closely with the Medical Director & clinicians to define standards, and study trends, provide feedback on services, and offer coaching or assistance as needed.
  • Assures the facility’s physical environment and staff morale/demeanor provide a safe haven for our patients as well as an environment conducive to learning.
  • Monitors regular scheduling of contract professionals, clinic staff & client services. Maintains fair labor practices while assuring ongoing accessibility of services to marginalized communities.
  • Provides ongoing supervision of Health Advocates, Nurses, contract clinical staff, Medical Director, and Nurse Practitioners.

Objective III: Provide leadership and serve as a liaison for the staff while working with the healthcare community and leadership team. 

  • Maintains an awareness of both clinical innovations and unmet needs in the community.
  • Collaborates with the Director of Development to translate this awareness into grant proposals or a community action plan.
  • Studies weekly clinic summaries & competitor’s trends as an aid in predicting threats to income& reports conclusions to Executive Director and Finance Manager. Contributes creatively & cooperatively to a corrective plan and transitions it into an effective course of action.
  • Works closely with the Clinic Director to ensure administrative coverage of clinic activity is always present.
  • Participates actively in Board Strategic Planning and provides an avenue for staff input to the strategic planning process.
  • Follows up on complaints from clients, colleagues, agencies, and referral sources. Able to quickly identify viable concerns and potential problems. Mediates conflicts or brainstorms resolutions with the team, as necessary. Reports process & outcomes on a CRAE Report and to the Medical and/or the Executive Director.
  • Identifies intern, clinic volunteer, and community service opportunities and contributes feedback to the Community Engagement Manager.

Objective IV: Uphold the philosophy of the Feminist Women’s Health Center.

  • Maintains work performance consistent with the policies, procedures, and philosophy of the Feminist Women’s Health Center.
  • Demonstrates the ability to communicate directly & work well with diverse groups of individuals in a “customer-driven” environment.
  • Contributes to the quality management process with a problem–solving process and system improvement approach. Sticks with problem-solving until desired outcomes are present.
  • Maintains a high degree of professional ethics including confidentiality of all client and employee information. Assures HIPPA awareness & compliance.
  • Utilizes work time efficiently and with integrity.

Experience, Education, Skills, and Abilities Required:

  • Must be a Nurse Practitioner with a minimum of 3 years of clinical experience, preferably in a women’s healthcare environment, with 3-5 years relevant experience in healthcare management
  • Prior experience in a nonprofit, women’s health, prochoice advocacy, outpatient health care or organizational leadership role is helpful
  • The ability to understand and translate the Center’s goals into sound and creative management and clinical strategies is essential
  • Skills in communication (written/verbal) and teamwork are essential contributions to the development of future clinical and community leaders is
  • important attention to detail with delegation, problem-solving, and task completion are necessary
  • Offers a creative approach to problem-solving with the ability to recruit excellent workers, identify and develop talents, motivate, and engage others in the work necessary to maintain a cooperative and efficient work environment
  • Previous experience with managing a budget, providing reproductive health services (including abortion), counseling, nursing, and/or public relations is preferred.
  • Commitment to the organization’s non-profit mission and feminist philosophy of high-quality, non-judgmental client-centered care.
  • Commitment to reproductive health, rights, and justice, including the provision of accessible comprehensive gynecological health services.
  • Strong organizational skills with a high level of analytical and problem-solving skills.
  • Must have the ability to work independently and as a team member to establish priorities to achieve organizational goals.
  • Bachelor’s degree in applied behavioral science, nursing, business or equivalent training and experience in Practice Management in Ambulatory Surgical and General healthcare practice.
  • Bilingual in Spanish is a plus.
  • Working knowledge of all applicable local, state, and federal regulations, and NAF (National Abortion Federation) standards of care.
  • Computer literacy: Competency in Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and NextGen.

Physical Demands:

The physical demands described here are representative of those that must be met by an employee to successfully perform the essential functions of this job. Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform essential functions. 

While performing the duties of this job, the employee is regularly required to sit, use hands, and talk or hear. The employee is regularly required to stand, walk, and reach with hands and arms. The employee must occasionally lift and/or move up to 25 lbs. 

Work Environment:

The work environment characteristics described here are representative of those an employee encounter while performing the essential functions of this job. Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform essential functions. 

  • Currently, this position calls for the Nurse Supervisor to work on-site/in the clinic. Must be able to participate in online virtual communications including email, video conferencing, and other online tools used to facilitate virtual office culture and work sharing.
  • Must be able to conduct business in English; however, fluency in languages other than English is a plus.
  • This role routinely uses standard office equipment such as computers, phones, and scanners.
  • Employees are regularly required to communicate effectively via computer, phone, and in person.
  • The noise level in the work environment is usually moderate.

This position, as with all roles at the Feminist Women’s Health Center, includes upholding the philosophy and mission of the organization by: 

  • Maintaining work performance consistent with the policies and procedures.
  • Demonstrating an ability to work well with diverse groups of people.
  • Maintaining a high degree of professional ethics, which includes confidentiality of client, donor, volunteer, and employee information, business strategies, etc.
  • Utilizing work time efficiently and with integrity.
  • Contributing to a positive team environment through reliability and accountability; communicating
  • positively and assertively; and appreciating and recognizing your team members.
  • Contributing to self-development and professional growth by seeking opportunities to learn through journals, seminars, or special programs and sharing learning with others.
  • Communicating effectively with supervisors on the status of work in progress, including written
  • status reports and staff meetings.
  • Completing projects and work assignments as assigned by deadlines.
  • Communicating questions about work assignments or deadlines to supervisors or appropriate staff and team members.

The position will be reviewed annually on adherence to and performance in job functions as outlined on an annual basis and may be modified as a result. The Health Advocate/ Educator will actively contribute to the development of this position and its function within the organization. 

Feminist Women’s Health Center is an equal opportunity employer. 

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